Run Local Locksmith: A Locksmith You’re Better Off Not Calling

One locksmith business that’s received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau in the United States is Run Local Locksmith; along with the worst possible rating from the BBB, there are scores of websites dedicated to how this locksmith business runs a “bait and switch” scam that leaves former customers absolutely furious.
 When people do a quick internet search on their…

Outside Gate Locks

Outside gates need different locks than a house would need, and while it’s tempting to think that any old chain and padlock from the hardware store will do, the truth is that they will get ruined in a jiffy and your property could be put at risk.  While they might look solid to the untrained eye, inferior quality chain that isn’t weatherproofed can get rusty and can be weak due to rust or…

Locksmith Training: Where to go to Learn Your New Career

There are a lot of bad jokes out there about locksmith training. When you mention that you want to learn the trade, plenty of unoriginal smart-alecs will say: “learning how to be a robber? You going to the local prison to learn how to be a thug?” The humor is underwhelming because if locksmiths were criminals, nobody in their right mind would hire one to replace the locks on their doors or…

Keyless Home Locks

Are you looking to steer away from the traditional standardized key locks for your home? With the technological advances that have boosted the scheme of home security, any household can now look into purchasing a “door lock of the future.”
 In today’s market, these style locks are a fairly common presence now. You’ll be even more pleased to know that an electronic door lock can also…

Home Security Tips

Did you know that home break-ins are very common? Almost every 17 seconds a home is burglarized. Usually when this horrible occurrence takes place, no one is at home to witness it. The proper security procedures can put off skilled thieves and amateur criminals. You, your friends and your family will be safer in your own home if you follow the next tips on security!
1. Home Alarm System – this…

Why Is One Side Of A Public Double Door Always Locked?

Have you ever noticed that one side of a public double door is inevitably locked? Have you ever stopped to think about what the purpose of this might be? This is where you will find out many of the possible explanations for this troubling phenomenon.
Sometimes people are too lazy to open the second door when the first door will suffice. This is not a great explanation, but it is often…

Things you should know before buying a safe in New York.

Information before buying a safe

Burglars are Now Everywhere That’s Why Vaults are Totally Needed
Considering the bad economic condition that causes distress to almost everyone, there are more and more people who are turning to wrong doings and burglaries. They are now risking their life just to get hold of some amount of money for their families. It is not really safe today to have your valuables in your cabinet or drawers…

Door lock installation kit

Using a Door Lock Installation Kit
When door locks need to be changed due to lost keys, broken locks or a change in the occupants of a home, the lock installation process can be costly. Homeowners, landlords or renters can choose to install the locks without the assistance of a locksmith in order to save money, but door lock installation is often complicated for someone who is inexperienced. A…

What To Do When Your House Key Isn’t Working

What To Do When Your House Key Isn’t Working
Finding oneself locked out in the middle of the night when a key stops opening the door to a home can be frustrating.

Reasons a Key Stops Working
There are several reasons for a key that has worked in the past to stop opening a door.

A key can become broken and no longer fit correctly in the lock. Even if there are no visible points of…

Key broke inside door lock

Key Broke Inside Door Lock? Call a Locksmith
When a key breaks off inside a door lock, a number of problems arise. If the door was open when the key broke off inside the lock, you won’t be able to lock it and may not even be able to close it securely. If the door was closed when the key broke off inside the lock, you may be locked out of your home, business or vehicle. Whatever the specifics may…

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