4 Power Door Lock Troubleshooting ideas

Power door locks are one of the most important security element in your car. They not only help to keep burglars and thieves at bay but they also help you to lock and unlock your car door fast. As a result, having power door locks that don’t work will not only compromise your car security but it will also cause so much inconvenience. There are many factors that causes power door lock to fail.

Steps to Take Before You Call a Locksmith

If you accidentally lock yourself out of your car, first you’ll probably want to try solving the problem yourself. Before calling anyone for help, you might want to examine your key visually. If the key is bent, it probably won’t fit into the lock properly. In that case, you may be able to solve your lock-out problem easily by using a hammer to flatten out the key. Alternatively, you might…

Don’t Use a Coat Hanger to Unlock Your Car

You dig through your pockets as you search with mounting panic. Suddenly, you stop and realize – you’ve left the keys locked in the car. What you need to do is call an automotive locksmith, pronto. Whether your primary concern is time or money, you may think it best to try solving the problem yourself. However, if you’ve left the keys locked in the car, the best way to save both time and…

Protect Your Identity with a Mailbox Lock

Identity theft has become more and more prevalent and sophisticated over the past decade. Through gadgets placed in ATM or Credit Card slots, to internet scams to more traditional means of absconding with your belongings and information by taking the mail right out of your mailbox. Securing the safety of your identity and confidential information should be no trifling concern, and given that…

Key Features In A Home Automation System

When Nikola Tesla first patented the remote control in 1898 he unknowingly started a revolution in home automation; the idea of having complete control over all the functions in your home. The concept of building a “smart house” first started with the World Fairs of the 1930’s and has taken hold of the building industry’s imagination ever since.
With the advances in modern technology…

Key Features For Door Security

Your doors are the first line of defence in your home’s security. This is the most likely entry point for intruders and your doors will indicate whether your home is a “soft” or a “hard” target.

Installing The Right Doors
Installing the right doors in your home is of the utmost importance. Your doors should either be made of solid wood, wood with a metal sheeting or made of solid…

What To Do If You Lock Your Keys In The Car

Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you suddenly realized that you locked your keys in your car? Then you were left wondering how in the world you managed to do that. If you are asking this question, then it’s definitely time to get a car with central locking. Of course that’s not to say that maybe faulty central locking didn’t cause the problem in the first…

What to do when your car key doesn’t work

If you live in a state where there are incredibly cold nights, chances are high that you’ve come out to your car in the morning and found that your door lock is unresponsive because it is frozen. When there has been a cold freeze at night, your car lock might be frozen. In these situations you can sometimes feel helpless because it always seems to happen when you’re running short on time.

What To Do If You’re Stuck Without A Key

One thing that irritates most of us is getting stuck without a key when we need it the most. Whether it’s your car or the house, a safe or merely a closet door, losing a key can set you back for important meetings, assignments, appointments, etc. Locksmiths are the ones who get called when such an emergency arises. They are here to help us out of this kind of a dilemma. They specialize in…

Bicycle Locks

 Bicycles, even the old ones that are garage sale finds, often get stolen; thieves will target bikes for two reasons. One reason why a bike will get stolen is because a thief is looking for a way to either get away from another crime in a jiffy or simply wants to get home faster; the other reason is to sell a valuable stolen bike and make some money.
 Even if you’ve got a bike that’s…

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