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Three Signs of a Good Locksmith

 New York is a city of choices. You want the best for your family, your home, and your business – we all do. But too often, we make decisions about important things based on what’s cheapest or most convenient.

 The security of your home and possessions depends on having high quality hardware installed by a well-qualified locksmith. New York City is full of locksmiths claiming to be the best, fastest, and cheapest. But not all those locksmiths are reputable, not all are honest, and not all know what they’re doing.

 So how do you choose a service provider? Look for these three signs of honesty and competence.

  1. The locksmith verifies identification and occupancy in lockout situations. A reputable locksmith will always require proof of identity and occupancy before admitting an unknown person to a home or business. If a locksmith is willing to let just anyone into your property, who knows what other dicey practices they’ll engage in.

 At KeyPass Locksmith, we always check ID, and we’ll never admit someone onto your premises unless we’re confident they have the right to be there.

  1. The company employs certified, licensed locksmiths. Locksmithing is a highly skilled trade requiring extensive training. Qualified locksmiths have completed a locksmith training course and have often served an apprenticeship.

In New York City, all locksmiths are required to be licensed. The licensing process includes fingerprinting, a background check, and verification of credentials.

All KeyPass locksmiths are fully trained, certified, and licensed. You may request to see a license at any time.

  1. The locksmith provides sound advice for enhancing your security. Small, affordable upgrades can mean huge improvements in the security of your home or business. A reputable locksmith can assess your home or business, identify weaknesses, and suggest easy ways to shore up your security.

At KeyPass Locksmith, we carry a full line of home and business security hardware. Our locksmiths can examine your building for security holes. They’ll suggest simple, effective solutions – like installing deadbolts, deadlocks, keyed window locks, window grilles, and peepholes.

KeyPass Locksmith – New York’s Choice for Quality Locksmith Service

At KeyPass, we pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment to excellence. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Courteous service from certified locksmiths
  • 24-hour, fast-response emergency service
  • Prompt arrival at all our appointments
  • High quality work with a 90-day guarantee
  • Affordable pricing
  • Up-front pricing on any job

A Full-Service Locksmith New York Can Count On

At KeyPass, we offer a full range of residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive services.


  • We’ll assess your home for security weaknesses and install high-quality hardware that prevents unauthorized entry.
  • We service and repair locks and other hardware, rekey locks, fix jammed locks, extract broken keys, and provide lockout services.

Storefronts & Commercial Buildings

  • We install and service locks, deadbolts, panic hardware, exit devices, and window bars.
  • We install master key systems, keypads and other keyless locks, and specialty locks for cabinets and desks.
  • We also install and service safes and vaults.

Apartment & Office Buildings

  • We can install a master key system and help you set up a key control program.
  • We’ll rekey locks between tenants and employees, and we can install keypad locks to ensure that only authorized people have access to particular areas.
  • We provide lockout service, emergency exit hardware, deadbolts, peepholes, and grilles for lower-story windows.

Warehouses and Industrial Sites

  • We install and repair gate locks, padlocks, overhead door locks, high security locks, and heavy-duty locks.
  • We provide lockout service for business premises, mechanical equipment, and fleet vehicles.
  • We’ll help you secure sheds, outbuildings, and storage facilities.
  • And we provide installation and servicing of interior locks, desk locks, safes, and vaults.

Automotive Service

  • KeyPass Locksmith provides 24-hour emergency automotive services throughout the city.
  • If you’re locked out, we’ll open your car with no damage to your door, locks, or finish.
  • If you’ve lost your keys, we’ll make you an emergency replacement – even if it’s a transponder key.
  • And we can also extract a jammed or broken key from your ignition.

Emergency Service

We are a 24-hour emergency locksmith. New York is no place to be locked out of your home, business, or vehicle. Give us a call and we’ll send someone to meet you right away.

  • We staff our phones 24/7 – so you’ll always get an answer.
  • We’ll dispatch a locksmith to your location immediately.
  • We can open any door if you’re locked out, and we’ll make a replacement key if you’ve lost yours.
  • We’ll removed jammed or broken keys from a lock.
  • We repair broken or damaged locks.
  • And we provide emergency rekeying and lock repair service if you’ve suffered a break-in.

Call us today to discuss your security requirements. We’re proud to be the first locksmith New York residents turn to in times of need, and we look forward to serving you.

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